пятница, 13 апреля 2012 г.

Special breathing.

When I read the book I like the discriptions as: to read the book under the tree, to read the book at home which is situated in the centre of nature (fields, meadows, rivers, forests). It's a very amazing combination, the imaginetion of these pictures excites speсial breathing.  I was learning "To breathe specialy" from the lady of the Bunin's story "A light breathing". Special breathing penetrate into the hear of my consciousness from which my mind star getting aesthetic enjoyment. It's wonderful.

The cover of Company magazin excited my true love for the rebel combinations of clothes and acсessories. (I love this style of cover)

I can't call this combinaton "lady style". For me the "lady style" it's "clean" speech in which I hear courtliness, the beauty of thoughts. The "lady style" is the expensive jewelries, espacialy vintage jewelries, is the expansive decocations of rooms, halls and palaces. When you read the books in the beautiful places it's "lady style" too. When I'm observing my "lady style" (jewelries, decorations, speech) I feel special breathing, special breathing is guarantee of my spiritual inspiration.

I can show my spiritual inspiration in these pictures of Anabella from the film "Lolita".

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