пятница, 16 марта 2012 г.

About a bag, talented people and the same looks.

Sometimes I'm bored of looking at european street fashion. I think these looks are interesting and people look good but I'm tiried of the same looks. And now I'm interested in belarussian talented people (and russian people) that attract attention by their individuality and the manner of their behaviour.
A lot of people say that there is nothing new in belarussian people's style and it's just a copy while looking at our belarussians (yes, and I often say the same when looking at belarussian style) but I find sufficient intreresting people in our country and I love to look at their style, their things because I find something new for me.
I want to devote Yanina a small peace of post now (but in my plans I want to devote Yanina a lot of lines in my blog in future). Yanina is a organizer and director of Belarus Fashion Week. I love her style, her lipstick, and her hardwork.

The other day I met Yanina and noticed a bag in her hands by russian designer Liza Mill. When I spoke with Liza I learnt that she was going to make things by her name as a designer again after a littel break. I like this bag because it's very convenient, compact, soft and of nice simple design. And yes, it's new for me. When I saw it I squeaked: "I'm eager to have it".

P.s. Both coats which Yanina wore is desing by Nastya Makkey.

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  1. все образы Янины, которые я видела на Янине в этом году мне нравятся)

    1. Твои образы мне тоже надо почаще видеть и фотографировать)