понедельник, 19 марта 2012 г.

A light beautiful dress for young lady.

Yesterday I saw the film "Genova". The sun is shining, people are smiling, sunbathing and kissing. Life is beautiful but life of main heroes doesn't run smoothly. Their mother died and now father with his two doughters must start their life afresh. The elder doughter Kelly by name draws my attention to her personality. The actress Willa Holland performs the role of Kelly.
I remember Willa in the serial "Glossip girl" but in this serial she didn't draw my attention to her personality unlike in the film "Genova".
I look at Kelly and understand that it's a sin to overburden a young, slender body by an eccentric style. A slender girl with long hair, good skin, pretty face need only a light, beautiful dress. In addition to the dress one should put bracelets on her hands, put chain on her neck, put shoes on her feet, to do a light make-up, let her hair down, to charge a good mood, so that she could be inlove with life and to let her go for a walk. The sun is shining, a girl is happy, she is good looking. What will you do when meet her? Of course you will smile and will be happy.
I understood why Willa didn't draw my attention to her person in the serial "Glossip girl" this is because her style was overburden. She lost her sipmle young beauty.
Young ladies if you haven't a good style all you need is a light beautiful dress but you must chose a dress using your brains.

This is she, Willa Holland. In the film "Genova" I noticed her "smoky eyes" make-up. I found some photos with her good make-up and I want to learn to make-up my eyes like she. It's 3 variants which I very like.

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  1. I wanna see you with smokey-eyes. I think you could be even more beautiful! And its really intresting to see you with some make up: bright lipstick and colorful eye shadows

    1. Yeh)) but at firs I must buy a eye pencil and eye shadow and than to learn to wear this make-up))